GO-Dense – SC formulation of foliar NPK fertilizers.

Why use GO-Dense?

  •  N-P-K foliar liquids plus trace elements.
  •  VERY HIGH N-P-K CONCENTRATIONS – as high as solid fertilizers.
  •  CHELATED TRACE ELEMENTS –  easy uptake of nutrients by the crop.
  •  HIGH QUALITY raw materials – better assimilation by the crop.
  •  Easy dosing and solubility – unlike solid fertilizers.

Grass with waterdrops, close-up

SC formulation technology

  •  Maximum loading in a concentrated SC form.
  •  Electrostatically charged particles give formulation stability.
  •  Micro particles in suspension for maximum uptake.
  •  Contains anti-crystallisation technology.
  •  Complete system of adjuvants – maximum assimilation by the crop.

GO-Dense Gel