GCiC launches VISCOFOL – the next generation suspension concentrate micronutrient range.


GCiC VISCOFOL foliar formulations offer the best of both suspensions & powders:

Significant soluble nutrient available in the VISCOFOL formulation thereby allowing immediate uptake comparable to a sulphate or nitrate, without losing any of the other SC benefits that the farmer values.

Significant stability and shelf life, e.g. up to 30 months with the Manganese which is usually the most challenging of the nutrients from a stability point-of-view.

Viscofol Formulation Technology

All raw materials are milled to 5 microns which is up to 4 times smaller than other manufacturers of similar products. This results in up to 8x the number of particles and therefore a much increased surface area.

These smaller particles are easier to hold in suspension and retain an homogenous mix i.e. consistent from top to bottom and no ‘sedimentation in the bottom’ as with some other formulations.This uniform layer + the aid of our unique adjuvants system gives:

  • greater coverage,
  • faster uptake,
  • enables the product to be rainfast within 30 minutes.