GCiC Crop Improver – NPK microgranular fertilizers with trace elements.

Chemical fertilizer use in agriculture on white background

Why use Crop Improver?

Microgranular fertilizers are applied at sowing time. The small granule size (see below) and the placement of the fertilizer into the seed bed increases its efficiency, crop yield and quality.


Microgranular Fertilisers

Economic Benefits:

  • Increased efficacy of the applied fertilizer.
  • Lower losses – less waste.
  • Lower application rates – lower fertilizer costs overall.
  • Lower operating costs (1 pass for seed and fertilizer).

Agronomic Benefits:

  • Ease of application.
  • Starter effect – fertilizer available to the plant from germination.
  • Strong emergence, vigour and improvement of root development.
  • Compatible with direct drilling.

Environmental Benefits:

  • Less fertilizer overall applied per hectare.
  • More of what is applied is used by the crop.
  • Lower losses to the environment.
  • Less potential for leaching.
  • Less fuel used – reduced carbon emissions.