GO-Starter – NPK fertilizer with micronutrients mix and seaweed extract.

Frost on the leaf and grass.



Appearance: Liquid

Density: 1.2

pH: 6.5

features and benefits

  • Ascophyllum nodosum based with natural biostimulants, saccharides, NPK, fulvic acids, organic matter and trace elements enriched, recommended for all kinds of crops.
  • It protects the tissue of the plant against unfavourable meteorological conditions (frosts, drought, etc.)
  • The cytokinin (a growth regulator) of GO-Starter stimulates the plant’s root development.
  • The auxin (a growth regulator) of GO-Starter favours the elongation of the cells, playing an important role in the formation of the fruit.
  • Has important effects on the taste, outer aspect and geometrical form of the fruit.