Crop Information - Cereals

GCiC is committed to its role of providing the best possible products for agriculture and has developed new and exciting technologies to advance crop quality and yield. Please use our GO-Farming program:

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BBCH 00-09: Plant establishment – Good plant establishment is an important phase for further development and growth.

Use products: Crop Improver – Universal.

Apply micro granules with a drilling machine.


BBCH 10-19: Root system development – Good root system means having a higher absorption level of nutrients from the soil, which leads to improved crop development.

Use products: Phos-Stim & VISCOFOL Black.

Foliar spray but part of the product goes to the soil.
Humic Acid is enhancing the movement of Phosphorus in the soil therefore apply to soil.


BBCH 20-29: Tillering – biomass boost – Bigger biomass and wide surface of the leaves leads to more intensive photosynthesis and growth of the plant.

Use products: GO-Starter.

Specially for the winter varieties for quick recovery in Spring.


BBCH 30-51: Foliar dressing – growth boost – During intensive vegetation the plant needs more nutrients directly to the leaves where most of the growth processes happen.

Use product range: GO-Dense.

General foliar spray, choose the specific products based on general fertilization spray.


BBCH 30-51: Micro-nutrients mix – Micro-nutrients act as catalysts for a variety of chemical processes inside of the plant cells – avoid any deficiency.

Use products: VISCOFOL Mix & GO-Chelate Mix.

Acts as a prevention measure for general application.


BBCH 30-51: Fighting with micro-nutrients deficiency – Cereals are very sensitive to a deficiency of Mg, Mn, Zn, Cu and Iron.

Use products: VISCOFOL MagnesiumVISCOFOL Manganese, VISCOFOL Zinc, GO-Chelate Mn, GO-Chelate Zn, GO-Chelate Cu & GO-Chelate Iron.

Please check the level of nutrients in the soil.


BBCH 50-70: Grain mass boost – This is an important phase of nutrients and proteins translocation to ears and grains.

Use products: VISCOFOL K Max.

Apply several times for the best result.


BBCH 09-19: Reduce abiotic stress – low temperature drought – Abiotic stress is stopping the growth of the crops and it negatively affects the yield.

Use products: GO-Pro.

Reduces the risk of damage during winter. Could be used for seed treatment.


BBCH 20-60: Reduce abiotic stress – high temperature drought – Abiotic stress is stopping the growth of the crops and it negatively affects the yield.

Use products: GO-Amino GoldGO-Amino SeaGO-Premium.

Apply several times during intensive vegetation.