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GCiC invests in biostimulants, speciality fertilisers and seeds and are committed to bringing high quality products to market, backed by technical research, field trials and the vast market knowledge of our experienced team of agrochemical experts.

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Young plant in the morning light on nature background

Includes biostimulants and seaweed-based products.


gefrbtes Plastik Granulat

Cost effective WDG chelated trace elements for foliar application.

Seed Treatmentcorn farm production in Basque Country

Humic and Fulvic acid seed dressing



SC formulation of NPK foliar fertilizers.

ViscofolGrass with waterdrops, close-up

High-dose SC formulations of trace elements for foliar application. Especially suitable for tank mixing.

Organic/Bio ProductsOrganic Farm Land Crops In California. Blue skies, palm trees, multiple layers of mountains add to this organic and fertile farm land in California.

Selected products from our range that are certified for organic use.

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